About Me

Born in Iran, raised in Michigan and living in Florida, Ana Kamiar is a photographic artist and educator with a lot of vowels in her name. Specifically, the A; this, she knows, is meaningful. 

To help satisfy her need to create poetic significance, her work mediates the macro-verse to the microcosm of self. The forthcoming research and the process of discovery thereof,  encourage her visual expression. 

Currently she is exploring space, as a way to consider a balance beyond duality.

All work on this site, as well as images shown on my instagram page, are available for purchase. Please contact me for available sizes and pricing. 


Ana Kamiar earned her BS from the University of Florida in Psychology. She continued her studies, at the by way of Post Baccalaureate work, in the Visual Arts Department, also at the University of Florida. In 2000, she received her MFA in Visual Arts, with a photography concentration from the University of Miami.

Since then, she has committed her dedication to photography in two distinct yet reciprocal paths; both of which serve to enrich the other. First, through academia, as both a college professor and curriculum developer for both undergrad and graduate visual art programs. Second, as a photographic artist who also engages the arts as an occasional juror and curator. 

As an artist, her creative practice is rooted in visualizing expressions which serve to edify some aspect of her human experience. As an instructor, her motivation draws directly from an accumulated respect for the history, craft and influence of photography on contemporary culture. As such, her teaching and her art practice utilize photography as a means of self expression; encouraged, with the evolving history and craft of the medium. 

Currently, Ana Kamiar resides in Jacksonville, Florida where she continues teaching, one on one mentoring and photographic art making.


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